About Me

Well, what to say? I mean, does anyone really know how to answer the question of "who am I?" I certainly hope that the answer of "who I am" right now is not the answer of "who I am" tomorrow.

Well, my name is John. I'm the father of two, a web development manager by trade, a vegetarian, and a musician/composer/novelist/professional nacho taste-tester in my fantasy life. Sometimes, when things are going well, that fantasy life is actually a part of my "actual" life, and those are the good days. I do better when I'm creative.

I've dealt with "weight issues" all of my life - I've been morbidly obese, and I've been near-anorexic. And that all is why I try my best to completely ignore the scale. My weight is a number, but it really doesn't speak too much about how healthy I am. I want to eat well, I want to feel good, I want to have energy throughout the day, I want to live a long, pain-free life, and (truth-be-told) I want to look good in the mirror. My approach is pretty simple: eat well and work out.

I absolutely love food. I always have, and I always will. Not too long ago, I was looking through a collection of papers from my childhood days. In second grade, we had to write an autobiography. "My name is John. I have a cat. I love to eat." That about sums it up.

So, how does a person who absolutely loves food become a vegetarian? Well, I did a lot of searching, trying to figure out how food affects me after a long look in the mirror. I took inventory of how I felt after eating certain foods. If I had too much beef in a day? I woke up feeling hungover. A dozen hot wings for dinner? They made me feel, the next day, like I ingested three or four Mini-Ashes and they were battling all day. Fish never affected me, so I continue to eat fish in moderation. I'm sure I could have gone a whole organic versus non-organic route, and I'm sure there are some meats that I'd be able to eat without negative reaction, but the question of "should I or shouldn't I?" at a restaurant would just be too much. Lots of fruit, lots of veggies, fish & dairy in moderation. I'm happy.

Want to get in touch with me, just shoot me an email. I try to get back to any/all comments as soon as they're posted, but I fully understand about those times that you don't want the whole world to see.