Friday, September 5, 2008

Knee Injuries are No Fun

So I hyperextended my knee a little bit on my Monday ride -- it was nothing major, and something I've done before. During one of the climbs, I didn't have good form, was pedaling slowly, and whoops. I didn't think much about it at the time, and I shouldn't be paying much attention to it now.

The injury didn't stop me from biking into work on Tuesday, even though I was very slow coming in. I took pains to ensure that I was always in a low gear, and that my cadence was somewhere between 80 and 90 revolutions per minute the entire time. The ride home was even slower. Yuck. Choir practice meant that I HAD to take the day off, which I think was wise, but then I had to drop my truck off at the shop. Sure, I can carpool with Duffy, but that means breaking up two schedules -- so I biked in yesterday and today.

Now, the knee isn't hurt too badly -- it's a little swollen and a little sore -- I notice it when I stand up, sit down, or walk down stairs. While on the bike, I really only notice it when I have to pedal hard (either when I did not shift into a low enough gear when starting from a dead stop or during a steep climb where I don't have a low enough gear to "not pedal hard").

I pick the truck up today, and then it's going to rain all weekend, so by Tuesday, I should be good as new (Symphony Rehearsal has me driving in on Monday).

I finished Lamb on the way in today . . . now I need my next book -- not sure if I want to head straight back to Christopher Moore . . . I have the Peter and the Starcatchers saga on the iPhone (Duffy just completed it), or I may go off in some other direction. I think tonight's ride will be a music one.

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