Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm relaunching this blog -- no longer cycling only (it's not like I was actually posting to it previously, so I'm not sure why I need to state why). I just want a forum where I can hold myself accountable for my strives to make myself healthy. I've noticed little things: I might be slightly winded after walking up 3-4 flights of stairs, I've been resetting my alarm clock more & more when it goes off in the morning, I've been allowing myself a coffee roll anytime I refill my gas tank (sometimes stopping at a Sheetz or Turkey Hill when my tank is 7/8 full).

Diet Plan

I'm not doing anything like Weight Watchers. At it's core, I actually really like the Weight Watchers approach (I know many in the HAES community (and I count myself among the HAES supporters) don't think it's a good program -- but I think anything that makes you think about the food you're putting into your system is a good thing -- sure, I think there are downsides by selling processed foods & I'd love to see them concentrate less on "weight" -- but it's an easy to follow program that I believe can do anybody a lot of good if you make sure that the "points" you're eating aren't empty and you don't ever weigh yourself), primarily because I don't give a shit about my weight. If I weigh 350 pounds, so be it, as long as I can do the things I enjoy doing (walking the dogs, cycling, and I'm sure that will include playing baseball/basketball with my children once they're actually able to play) without having to take a break every few minutes.

My plan for eating is going to be quite simple:

  • As much fruit for breakfast as I want. For the most part, I'll go with in-season fresh fruit -- I love it, and to quote a line from The Biggest Loser (a show that I'm quite ashamed of myself for because I started watching it), nobody ever became obese from eating fruit & vegetables. If fresh fruit is prohibitively expensive, I'll allow applesauce. But, for the most part: citrus in the winter; berries/cantaloupe in the spring; peaches/plums/berries/watermelon in the summer; apples/pears in the fall; grapes/bananas all year long.
  • Reasonable lunches (one of the biggies at the office -- if I'm having a crappy day, I tend to take it out on my stomach): vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, celery, broccoli, peppers, cucumber) with hummus, guacamole, tuna salad, peanut butter, cheese, soup, or anything else that isn't overly processed. Here, I'll think about my portions, but I won't limit. When it's truly nice out, and I've biked to work, I'll allow myself whatever I'd like from wherever I want -- as it's a 2 mile walk to the closest restaurants (that's after biking the 20 miles to work).
  • Fruit/vegetable snacks throughout the day as needed.
  • Keep gum at my desk if I realize that I'm dealing with oral fixation but am not hungry
  • However dinner plays out, it plays out. I'll be conscious of what I'm eating -- trying to limit fats & excessive portions, always piling on veggies when possible.

My hope is that the morning fruit will curb most all of my sugar cravings, and some discipline at the office will keep me from snacking on "snackfoods" throughout the day (goldfish crackers have been my weakness thus far this year). I do not want to get into the eating plan I was in prior to my wedding (see details here). I did really, really well on that plan -- but once I deviated from it in the slightest, I had a really hard time righting the ship. My goal for the office - fruit & veggies in abundance . . . all other options should be "mostly healthy" and in moderation.

Workout Plan

Those of you who know me know that I'm not exactly a n00b to working out. I bicycle. I bicycle a lot. On a good week, I'll log somewhere between 200 & 300 miles on the open road. On a really good week, that number climbs to 500 miles. But, I'm not sure I'll be able to keep that up with an infant in the house & newborn on the way. So my plan here is simple: some measurable physical activity each & every day. Walk the dogs every morning, except when the weather says that it's not possible (don't yell at me for not walking the dogs when the weather is crappy, they want to walk in the rain & snow even less than I do). Bicycle to/from work when it's feasible. Alternate running & spinning for days that it's not . . . and for those days when my body continues to say "you need more sleep", allow the dog walking to suffice. I know that leaves open those days when my body protests & it's raining out, but I'll navigate that tripwire when the time comes.

So, welcome to the blog. Hopefully, I'll keep this running.

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