Friday, September 17, 2010

When things are going well

I have not forgotten about this blog. The issue is, when things are going according to plan, it's really boring to write about. "I ran 10 miles this morning before work". "I ran 18 miles on a Saturday morning". My training is going well, my diet is working. My "healthy" stuff, well, is boring.

But, well, some updates.

  1. I've solved my chafing issue. For awhile, anytime I went on a "long" run (anything more than 7 or 8 miles), I had some serious issues with raw skin between my legs (and lets not forget my nipple bleeding). I purchased some compression shorts and that seems to have solved my issue. My longest run since ensuring that I was wearing them while running has been 18 miles, and I haven't had any issues on any run. I've also purchased compression shirts, and my nipples have been thanking me.

  2. It's a good thing I run primarily before sunrise. With the compression wear, well, there's not much to the imagination. Especially if my mind wanders during my run.


    Anyway, I typically wear loose fitting clothing over my compression wear so as to not make any passers-by sick to their stomach as I run by. This morning, though, I had to kick off the shorts. They were literally falling off of me as I ran.

  3. Fat is melting off. Try as I might, I can't deny this. I may have an image of a "robust" John in my head, but my body is actually becoming that of a runner. Clothing that used to be loose on me simply falls off. Heck, clothing that used to fit me "just right" is getting dangerously big around my middle. Dress shirts that I used to avoid because they were tight around the chest now actually look good. I'm at the last hole on my favorite belt.

  4. I'm eating intuitively without even trying. I eat when I'm hungry. I snack all day at work on fruit & veggies. I eat helpings with dinner because my body is saying "you should eat". This is a good feeling. Knowing when you're actually hungry is a difficult step.

  5. I'm not sure where the fat ends and the skin begins. This is an issue I dealt with the last time I dropped weight, and it's an issue now. I know there's still plenty of fat around me, but there's a whole lot less than there was only a few months ago. At some point, my body is going to start telling me that I either need to eat more or work out less. When I reach that point (and I do believe that I'm "in-tune" with my body well enough that I'll recognize the signs when they're with me), I'll have to decide whether a surgical option to get rid of the skin should be investigated. Fortunately, I know of some kick-ass people who have chosen to go through with the surgery, and to live with loose skin. Heck, I even know somebody is planning on going through with the surgery at some future date. Whatever I chose, I'll post here.

  6. I have been meditating. I'm planning a post to talk about what I go through, just because several people have asked me what advantages I get out of it, and how it works.

  7. My work schedule has been hectic. This means lots of conference calls. Yes, I'm still enforcing the "every time I close or open my office door, I do 10 pushups" rule. My elbow isn't always happy with this (especially on rainy days), but I'm getting through the pushups without strain (as opposed to when I started this rule). I may be switching to 15 pushups per door opening.

  8. I'm two months away from the marathon. gulp.

  9. I'm realizing that I have more than just four speeds. It used to be that I had "stop", "walk", "go", and "sprint". "Go" was, essentially, slightly faster than a brisk walk. When I started running, that meant 12:00 miles, and now it means about a 9:30 mile. However, at the end of all of my runs, lately, I've kicked things up - far from a sprint, but much faster than I've been running (I'd guess I'm coming in at 6:30-7:00 mile pace). When I find engage this gear, I'm able to keep up for up to a mile and a half. For my first marathon, I'm going to lay back for the entire thing (unless I hit mile marker 25 and realize that I have a lot of juice in the tank), but I'm actually excited that I've been able to kick in something at the end. It reminds me that I'll be able to push things faster in the future. Because, well, I always need a goal, and this "run a marathon" thing is pretty big - I don't want to gear myself up to run it and then have nothing to work for.

  10. Speaking of stuff to work for, I'm still thinking about an Iron Man.

  11. I have absolutely no desire to weigh myself, despite the number of people who ask how much weight I've lost.


Jessica said...

How much water do you carry on run 10+ miles? How do you carry that much water?

Great job! Very inspiring.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Holy Shit he writes!

Totally jealous of the marathon, recommend astroglide for the chaffing and can't wait to hear about the Ironman stuff.

BTW, the training for Ironman will take over YOUR LIFE! (But I'm dying to do it anyway)

Congrats dude. Seriously impressive.

John said...

Yeah, I've been seriously neglecting this blog. Somewhere in my mind, just like I picture myself as "hefty", I figure nobody cares when there's nothing out of the ordinary to post.

Most of my runs are a 3.5 mile loop starting at my house. I'm never more than 2 miles from my house...and therefore, I don't generally hydrate along the way (just drink a whole lot of water before I run, and then slowly after I'm done). Since I'm running so early in the morning, I don't have the sun to worry about. On those days that I go on a longer route, I have a cloth/Velcro attachment for one of my cycling water bottles that I'll run with. It's not a lot of water, but it's just enough to get me through. I may buy a "fuel belt" in time, but I just haven't needed one for my training yet.

As far as an Iron Man taking over my life - well, I know it's going to happen. Heck, I'm waiting up at 4AM for a minor marathon that I'm ahead of schedule for training. My fear is that I won't get enough "open water" training when I start in the pool. But, unlike the past month, I'll be posting my trials & tribulations as I run about them.

Laura said...

Hi John,

I'm getting healthy too! I'm doing it with a personal trainer because I feel I need professional help to make sure I'm doing things correctly. It's been about 5 weeks. I haven't lost any weight yet, but my motivation was to get strong and improve my walking skills. Weight loss will come. My body is changing--it's very exciting. I'm also changing the way I eat, just like you. More frequent meals, lean protein and complex carbs. I know you will be successful and so will I!