Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Last Run

I'm hesitant to post this. There's a chance that my kids will wake up screaming before the butt crack of dawn the next two days, and then I'll be wide awake. Of course, then they'll go straight back to sleep, so I'll think "screw it, I'm running." Barring that highly likely event, however, I think this morning was my last run before the marathon.

I ran four miles - and rather than the new route through two neighborhoods that I've been running (3 miles in total), I ran my original 5k training route. Four-tenths of a mile to the trailhead, then seven-tenths of a mile per lap for 4 laps, then six-tenths of a mile back home (via a different route). I worked up a little bit of sweat, but I was hardly "tired".

For a "last run," it was simple, but it was a good one.

Now, my dear reader, I need a favor. I have somewhere between 3 1/2 and 5 hours that I'll be running on Sunday. I am allowed an iPod. I need a playlist. I'll be starting "relaxed" and working my way to "super-motivational" (e.g. "angry"). What songs do I need on this? Obviously, I'll post my running playlist after the run.


Anonymous said...

Being a huge Little Miss Sunshine fan, I have Superfreak on my running playlist. Every time the song comes on, I can't help but imagine the scene from the movie and smile inside. Keeps me going when my insides hurt from running.

Laura said...

Well, I like the many suggestions that I saw on your FB page. I think you should add Jackson Brown's Running on Empty, Runaway by Del Shannon, Start me Up by the Rolling Stones, Let's Get it Started by the Black-Eyed Peas, Born to Run by Springstein, Beautiful Day by U2, and the Theme from Rocky, Gonna Fly Now.