Monday, January 24, 2011

On the road again

I think I've let my marathon post say up there for long enough. I wanted to give it time, step back from this blog and just revel in the fact that I ran a marathon. It's really cool, and something I never actually thought I'd be able to. But, now it's time to start getting back to what I wanted . . . writing about my health.

I'm still running like a fiend. I really am - I have the Gettysburg North-South Marathon on May 1. There appear to be two camps of people, those who run a marathon to say they did it, and then never go back . . . and me. I'm not sure I actually have 'the marathon bug,' but I know I can do better than my previous soirée, and I do better when I have a goal in mind. So, right now, I have just over 3 months to continue my training. I got this. I've basically started both running & walking (over lunch) 2-3 days a work week, and then taking a day from the weekend to run a half-marathon. This past weekend has left me with a very sore left heel, but I think that's because I must have stepped on something, didn't feel it because my feet were frozen, so I just kept on going. In short, this weekend's run was very fucking cold.

Other areas of "health," however, I'm lacking with. I switched jobs at the end of the December, and with that, I no longer have an office. For the most part, this isn't that big an issue, but I was holding true to my "pushups every time I close or open my office door" rule, and now the rule is moot. Boo. So, I need to start getting more serious with my strength training. Pushups & situps - they're all I need to go with everything else I'm doing, so I just need to stop making excuses.

Speaking of making excuses, I need to stop making them for some mental-health issues. I've been battling a "come & go" funk for the longest time. Sometimes, I just feel a little blue. Sometimes, it takes all of my effort to keep from breaking into tears when I exhale. The thing about this is that I have no idea why I'm feeling this way. So, I need to find somebody who is completely removed from bias from my life to help me sort out my head. When I'm "good," I'm damn good. Most of the time, I'm "pretty ok," but those low points have been popping up, lower, deeper, and lasting longer each time. I can't live like that. Any advice here is beyond welcome (feel free to email if you don't want to comment).


lelly said...

writing through my blue definitely helps. but i'm with you - sometimes you just need that person-once-removed to help make sense of it...

thanks for keeping me inspired to stay healthy!

AriT93 said...

that can sometimes be an issue with meeting big goals. I read about it in a class in college. I think they used the term post goal-attainment or something like that.

Changing jobs can also cause this. I went through it when I changed jobs a 2 years ago. It's a bigger change than a lot of people realize especially if you were at the previous job a long time.

Spring will of course help.

Laura said...

If you feel you don't have any mental illness, clinical depression, etc, then you have to pick away at what is bothering you. There is something down there that is making you unhappy. When I feel blue (which isn't very often) I stop and think--what is bothering me? I go through various things that have been happening until I figure it out: the TV broke, I gained 3 lbs, I had a lousy day at work... whatever. Once you know what it is, then you can work on either fixing it, or dismissing it. But you need to identify it first. You shouldn't have to be sad. Do you feel you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself? I absolutely love seeing a personal trainer. All the responsibility of getting my body fit is in the hands of a fitness professional. All I have to do is make sure I get my cardio 4x's per week and watch my nutrition. Could that be what is bothering you? If it's more than you can figure out, I would suggest you see a physician.