Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Ride

So, I did manage to get out on Memorial Day and at least start the ride that I wanted. I made it up Waggoner's Gap then up Doubling Gap (taking my first rest stop on that path). However, as I went down 233 toward Newville, the road was detoured. By the time the roads resolved themselves, I was actually in Carlisle, with little desire to bike an additional 25 miles. So, I stopped it there. At the end of the day, here is the path I took. I had no idea that the area around Colonel Denning State Park was as beautiful as it was -- the ride really was something, even as I sucked wind.

Saturday was fun, too -- Duffy & I hopped over to the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail. This is an old railway that has been converted into a very nice & peaceful packed-stone trail. After eating something that didn't agree with me on Friday night (and dealing with a stressful office situation all day Saturday), I wasn't much up for a super workout, so Duffy & I had an actual "date" (normally when we look at riding together, I get in trouble because my legs allow me to pedal much faster than my wife). This was a well-shaded trail without any hills, and was just a very pleasant 18.5 mile ride (although Duffy was complaining about a sore butt at the end of it). I have a feeling we'll be visiting often when we finally have some children of our own.

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