Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not liking cold mornings

Biked in this morning -- 20 miles in just over an hour, so my pace is certainly improving. Not taking a super-hilly course helps with that, too. :-)

My big complaint, though is the temperature at that time (well, the waking up before 5:00 is a complaint in itself). 40-45° Fahrenheit is just a difficult temperature to deal with. It's cold enough that your fingers/toes really don't like it, and you can see your breath, and it's generally yucky. However, it's just warm enough that extra pairs of socks, or full-coverage gloves are too much. Actually, I might have to look into full-coverage cycling gloves, rather than the open-fingered cycling gloves + full glove contraption that I'm currently using.

Breaking new speeds was great, but I lost my sunglasses somewhere on the journey. That said, I need to head back to the bike shop on my way home (second gear still is not my friend), so I should be able to pick up cycling-specific glasses . . . anything to keep the damn road dirt out of my eyes.

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