Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1,000 Miles

Well, my bike has passed the one-thousand mile mark. Three tubes, a replaced rear tire (because of the damn tube problem), a few nicks, a few very low-speed crashes (only thing ever hurt was my own dignity . . . I think I'm finally used to the damn clipless pedals), and a whole lot of fun.

This is the week for milestones, though -- yesterday morning, I finally made it to the office in under an hour. I swear, I hit my stopwatch and it was at 00:59:58.14. That wasn't much under that milestone, but it was what I was aiming for. Of course, I changed up my route this morning -- only added a half mile, but it was a pretty hilly half mile, and consequently, I added twelve minutes to my commute this morning. That said, with the construction on Trindle Road, and the reduced traffic on Schoolhouse Road, I think this may be a permanent change.

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