Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beautiful Mornings & Wii Fit

I know I've said this before, but there really isn't anything that beats collecting your thoughts to a gorgeous sunrise while working out. Even if you're doing so on the way to work. Today, I nearly broke that one hour barrier that I've been gunning for. Well, that's not accurate, I do not push myself on the way into work. My goal is to come into the office relaxed and not drenched in sweat (as it is, I'll generally get in and sit in the A/C for a good 10 minutes before I even think about changing into my work clothes). Still, though, making the commute in an even hour is a goal I'd like to attain.

It's funny, though -- on the way back home, when I will push myself as hard as I can, breaking the hour barrier is near impossible. First off, the weather is much hotter, so I need to watch myself. Second, there is about a 400 foot difference between the office and home -- meaning that the entire path is just slightly uphill for most of the way. But, the biggest issue is that I am in rush-hour traffic (well, not in it, but alongside it). The roads I ride have very cozy shoulders, but that doesn't start / stop the traffic lights. I'd say that on my typical ride home, I spend 15-20 minutes just stopped, waiting for the light to change. Of course, I also take an alternate, less-direct, much less trafficked, and hillier path home. It might be awhile before I manage to break the one hour mark there -- still haven't broken 1:15.

I also love the Wii Fit. Nintendo has really figured out how to make something fun, addictive, and good for you -- it's really spectacular. Of course, there is some level of Japanese bluntness (the damn thing no longer calls me "obese", just "overweight), and I get yelled at if I don't log in every day. Due to my arm issues, I can't quite do the pushups that it asks me to -- so I'm called "weak", but still - the thing is a blast. In fact, depending on what you're doing, working up a sweat is quite easy, even if you don't realize that you're doing it. Anyway, my current "Wii Fit Age" is 43, which makes me sad -- but I'll get that down . . . I think it's so high because I am as unbalanced as a one-legged piano.

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