Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did Not Ride In Today

Normally, me not riding in isn't that big a deal . . . but today seems like one. I had made it 8 workdays in a row, and I was very, very proud of myself. The weather this morning was cold (see previous posts as to how that really isn't a problem), so that's not why I'm here. I'm not that tired, either. No, I have to head offsite to give a presentation.

I have to be at a hotel about a 25 minute car ride from the office. By every estimate I can muster, I'm looking at a 45 minute bike ride - in hilly terrain to get there. I have a hard time justifying being out of the office for several hours for a 30-45 minute talk (in addition to the 45 minutes there, and the 45 minutes back -- I'd need to give myself ample time to get myself ready, in terms of not looking like a sweat-drowned rat). So, this sucks.

I will ride in tomorrow - and then not on Friday, as I'm looking to get a head start on a weekend in Philadelphia (although I also am thinking about taking a half day on Friday, which means that I would be able to ride in -- we shall see). However, with all of this -- how do commuters deal with offsite requirements?

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