Thursday, August 21, 2008

Those Cold August Mornings?

So, I've been ignoring things here . . . and I feel like kicking myself. I haven't given up biking in the least -- just haven't been posting anything about it. To date, I have put 1,596 miles on the bike (those little bicycle computers are really neat), and I'm averaging somewhere between two and three commutes into the office.

This week, however, I have vowed to bike in every day. I didn't have any big nighttime commitments (and the one that popped up -- dinner with family -- was right smack on my way home), and Duffy is about to start school (meaning that my mornings might get a little more hectic with puppy duty). With it being August and everything, this seemed like the perfect time of year to do it -- I am generally on the road early enough so that things aren't too hot, and then I can just take my time getting home, dealing with the heat.

At least, that was what I told myself when this all started. The weather has been beautiful this week -- highs in the low-to-mid 80's, and barely a cloud in the sky. The only issue is that temperatures, prior to 7:00, barely register above 50°. This morning, my little bicycle computer claimed that things dropped to 42° on the way in (as I was biking alongside a swiftly running stream). That is cold - very cold. Heck, it is the middle of August, in Pennsylvania, and I wore a freaking sweatshirt into the office!

Still, though - I'm enjoying the biking . . . a lot. With gas prices pulling back, it isn't quite as painful to drive into the office - but the economics of the situation were never the primary factor. I just like being on a bike and love being able to squeeze a workout into the day without having to find time to work out.

I'm nearly complete with The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I am completely addicted to the story at this point. I've actually been listening to the seven books, on and off, since I started this little escapade, so it is going to be sad to move onto something else. Roland, Susannah, Eddie, Jake, and Oy all feel like friends to me. Oh, well -- I think Christopher Moore is up next, just for a change of pace. I have yet to meet somebody who claims to have disliked any of his books.

For anybody who checks in often - I promise I will get better about posting.

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