Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This week has really sucked for working out the way I like to work out. First, fussy baby. Second, cold temperatures. Third, rain. I'm hopeful that the weather will clear up for the rest of the week (the forecasts appear clear - but I distrust weathermen), but my great plans for this week have been altered.

Fortunately, this means that I get new ways to entertain myself as I work out. See, I need something to distract me while I test my endurance limits. Without something, I start concentrating on my breathing, then my pace, then I start thinking about work or something else -- and suddenly I'm making excuses to start doing that other thing, rather than continue working out.

As I've been doing things indoors, I have television in my entertainment arsenal. When I'm on the road (and, therefore, looking at something other than the road would probably be a bad thing), audiobooks typically capture me (though I'll switch to music every now & then). The last two mornings? Dexter. It's a show that I enjoyed the first couple of seasons of, then just stopped watching. There wasn't a real reason - I just never started up with the 3rd season. With everybody & their mother telling me that the last season of Dexter was absolutely brilliant, I've started back up; 30 minutes on the spinning bike, 15 minutes of ab work, 15 minutes to cool down & check email.

Working out while watching something is a very, very different experience - I much prefer working out outdoors -- even though I'm not very fast, I'm at least going somewhere. But, I'll admit that I'm really, really eager to see what happens with Dexter if he becomes a father...

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