Thursday, May 20, 2010

When plans get in the way

I woke up a little before 5 because the kid was crying, then at 5 the alarm went off . . . I put my FiveFingers on, then my sweat pants (yeah, when I'm tired I'll put my shoes on before my pants), then a T-Shirt, then my heavy sweatshirt. Eventually I put on the puppy belt and left the house with the three dogs in tow. Only, once I actually started walking, I realized that I didn't need my sweats.

So, I took off my heavy sweatshirt and proceeded to take off my sweatpants before realizing that I wasn't wearing shorts underneath (though I usually do). The dogs & I walked for a few miles - not nearly as long a walk as Hobbes wanted, but since Snickelfritz views a walk as a simple distraction in the way of breakfast, he wasn't too eager to take a second trip around the park.

After feeding my fine furry friends, I ran upstairs to hop in the shower - it would have been a great day to bike into work -- but then I remembered that we might be having dinner with my mom. Home to work is 20 miles. Work to my mom's is 30 miles -- and I need to go right by work in order to get to my mom's. In other words, biking into work would have meant biking to my mom's after work and then biking the 50 miles back home, leaving between 7 & 8, arriving between 9 & 11. I don't mind biking long, long distances - and I have lights with a long-lasting battery so that I can bike as safely as possible in the dark -- but biking relatively unknown roads, when I have to work the next day? Methinks not.

Don't fret, though - I did have an active morning . . . instead of biking into work, I took the hour & 20 minutes to run. Of course, this is now 5:30 in the morning and I'm not exactly thinking straight, so I lost track of the number of laps I ran around the park. I think it's safe to say that I ran between 6 & 9 miles in the 60-75 minutes that I was running - all the while listening to The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan.

The way to work this morning was relatively traffic-free. I've only had one conference call. I managed a great walk to pick up a salad for lunch without injuring myself! Of course, dinner with my mom was canceled this evening, but I'm still in a very, very good mood. I'll get home, get a quick bike ride in before teaching bass lessons (I would have canceled lessons had my mom expected me for dinner), then as tomorrow is Bike to Work Day, I'll follow my holiday - the weather looks great & I've got nothing scheduled that I need to plan around.

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