Thursday, May 27, 2010

I think my iPhone is dying

This morning started out a bit iffy. CJ woke up early -- right around 4AM. I got up, changed him (little brat starts laughing as soon as he recognizes me, like he was yelling but just really wanted to see his daddy), took him back over to the bedroom for feeding. It's now just past four o'clock in the morning - but since daddy got out of bed, it means that it's time for the puppies to start their own thing. I did not sleep between bringing CJ back from the crib & the alarm going off just after five.

So I get up, put the weight-vest on, take the puppies for their walk, feed the puppies, and head out for a run. So far, things are mostly normal (just with reduced sleep), but I happen to notice, 3 miles into what would become a 7 mile run, that my audiobook just stops. By the time I've managed to wrestle my iPhone from my pocket, it's started back up again . . . but then it goes into double time. And, it just continues: stop, normal, doubletime, normal, stop....

I thought maybe it was just that file, so I tried it with straight-up music, and the same happened. And then proceeded to get worse (it would switch, at first, every 30-60 seconds, and then every 5). I'll take a look this afternoon to see if anybody else has reported the same and/or fixed this issue. But, part of me is thinking that I've dropped this damn thing too many times, banged it once too often, stuck it in my pocket with my car keys . . . dead from abuse.

If it is the end, it's been a fun ride -- I've had some good MP3 players, but the MP3 player that I don't need to worry about hearing the phone during long bike rides. See, if I'm out, not really caring about the world - sometimes the world cares about me. Most notably, an urgent call from the wife, or my mom . . . the iPhone is really good about letting me know that somebody is trying to call through. See, my phone is almost always set to silent, so it's rare for me to know that somebody is calling through. If this is the end, I'll be getting a new iPhone - but I really wanted to wait for the new release to come out. We shall see.

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JenJen said...

Í was sitting here wondering why you didn't wake your wife up and then I realized something critical
: my husband didn't write this blog! Grrr.