Friday, May 28, 2010


I had grand plans for today. I'm four miles away from running a marathon over five days (4 on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, 7 on Thursday), which would be kind-of cool. It's a great day to bike into work. I really wanted to watch another episode of Dexter, and that would have involved an intimate date with my spinning bike.

Alas, as I walked the dogs at 5AM, I only had one through on my mind - rest. My ankle has been chiming in, since yesterday's run, that it's not really happy with me. My eyes, when I close them, let out a sigh of relief. Between the workouts, and work, and rehearsals, and trying to mow the lawn, I needed just a little bit of extra shut-eye this morning. I refuse to feel guilty about it.

It's a Friday at the office, meaning that I have a series of conference calls with vendors that I've been pushing off all week. I'll continue my silly little "10 pushups every time I close or open my office door" routine, and I'll finish mowing my lawn (allergies & hunger got in the way after I had completed half of the lawn) if the weather cooperates when I get home. But that's it - I'm going to give my legs a day off. However, as it's a holiday weekend, I'll be out & about as much as I can.

Saturday is my godson's first birthday, and I'll live it up there. Maybe a short run or bicycle ride in the morning. Maybe I'll end up mowing the lawn, but the primary activity will be hugging babies, family members, & old friends.

Sunday, well, now we get fun. There's a picnic some afternoon, but that's really it, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. I'm going to try to get myself up & about by 9 and bike for three hours over Waggoner's & Doubling Gaps. I haven't done any hill work so far this year.

Monday is completely open -- I'll finish up anything at the house that needs to be done, and then I'll figure things out. I want to head up King's Gap, because it's pretty . . . and, of course, spend time with my little guy, but I'm tempted to take my running show on the road. We'll see how things play out.

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